Saving the world, one ticket at a time...

It happens to us all. We're too busy, too caught up in more important things or simply can't be bothered. What happens? Plans go out of the window and another good ticket goes to waste.

Here at tweet ticket, we want to use twitter to help stop that waste. To help "save the life" of another wasted ticket.

Not much of a life, granted, after all it is only going to be torn in half and put into a bin, but at least we can try to see that the ticket reaches it's venue and ends up in the right bin.

How can we do this?

The concept is simple. We create a very easy to use service that lets twitter users communicate quickly and efficiently with @replies containing ticket information.

If anybody wants to throw away a ticket (or tickets) that match your preferences, we can send you a ticket reply. You never know, you may end up having one of the best nights of your life!

How do I start receiving ticket replies?

Simple. Send us a tweet with your ticket preferences. For example...

@tweetticket #location #event

When we find a match, we'll send you a @reply.

@you @kindsoul has spare tickets for #location #event

If you don't like the service, just send us this tweet and we'll delete you from our database

@tweetticket removeme

How does it work?

Easiest way to explain is by using an example. You can add:

@tweetticket #spain #festival

If anyone posts a ticket to the site containing your preferences, you will receive @reply in your twitter account. Therefore, you could receive @replies for any of the following ticket posts :

@tweetticket #benicassim #festival #spain
@tweetticket #sonar #music #festival #barcelona #spain
@tweetticket #spain #festival #benicassim

Tweet your Preferences Now!

No need to follow us on twitter, so no direct messages!

How to get started...

Introduce yourself to the world of twitter's #hashtags. It's easier than you think!

No need to Follow us

Honestly, but if you do, it helps improve our service. Find us at

Tweet your preferences

We will add them in our database. Add as many as you want, with a tweet like this:

@tweetticket #opera #ballet #newyork

Watch out for our replies

When we find a match, we send replies to twitter users. Simple isn't it?

Tweet again to stop

We are not a spam service. Remove yourself any time with this tweet:

@tweetticket remove

Spread the peace and love

Our site is brand new and wont work without lots of tickets and followers. If you like our service, spread the message brothers and sisters.